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Is anything new? (June 25th, 2024 at 2:15 P.M. CDT)

Garden Buddy for Android has been through a few updates. The UI has been changed so it can adapt to smaller screens and the AI model was upgraded from Gemini 1.0 to Gemini 1.5 Pro. Garden Buddy for iOS is still in the works. I had mjust implemented Gemini successfully into it yesterday, so this will definitley be released within the next few weeks or so stay tuned for that. I just wanted to make a quick update to explain what was happening in the next few weeks. Garden Buddy iOS has almost everthing implemented except for offline saving, plant id, health asssessment, and the subscription system. This week, I am expecting to have both plant id and health assessment completed and ready to roll. I have had a few local database issues with SwiftUI so offline data saving has been a bit more difficult, but should be solved soon.


I have to point out that some apps on the software page have been removed, as I had unpublished them from the App Store/Play Store. This is due to them have been up for years and have not had more than 100 users within that time frame. I plan on making the APKs available here, but they will not be available on app stores anymore. The only apps that still remain on app stores are the ones that have the most usefulness and populous userbase, in which they will not be going anywhere.


 - ToxicFlame427, The lead (and only) developer

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