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Is anything new? (May 24th, 2024 at 3:06 P.M. CDT)

Hello everyone! Here is a quick update about what is happening soon! I have purchased a 2023 M2 Mac Mini, as this little device will help me create more iOS apps to be published to the iOS App Store.

Does this mean that garden buddy will be coming to iOS? YES! I am planning on refreshing my iOS development skills and using them to build Garden Buddy for iOS with native Swift and the SwiftUi Framework.

Now that I am out of college for the summer, I will have much more time to work on these applications. The iOS version of Garden Buddy is expected to release at the end of the summer arounmd August, maybe even earlier.


Garden Buddy is getting a few important changes on Android. The UI is being adapted and changed so it looks great on a variety of screen sizes. I had noticed that small screen sizes have oversized elements which is being fixed along with other UI elements. Also, the Garden Buddy Forum is currently being developed. The purpose of the forum is to allow users to ask other people questions and the interact with other gardeners as a small community of like-minded people. This feature may take some time to build, so fel free to check this page for more updates. For now, thats all I have for recent updates, thanks.


 - ToxicFlame427, The lead (and only) developer

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