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Introducing Garden Buddy - your ultimate companion for all things green! 🌱

Transform your gardening experience with this must-have Android app that puts a world of botanical knowledge right at your fingertips. Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or just starting your plant journey, Garden Buddy has got you covered!

🔍 Explore a vast database of more than 10,000 plants and 100 plant diseases, complete with detailed species information to help you nurture your garden to perfection provided by the Perenual team.

📷 Snap a quick pic and let our powerful plant identification feature do the rest. No more guessing - instantly discover the name and details of any plant you encounter.

💡 Have burning questions about your garden? Fear not! Our AI gardening guru is here to provide expert advice and answers to all your queries, ensuring your garden thrives year-round.

💚 Save your favorite plants for offline viewing, so you can access essential information anytime, anywhere - even without an internet connection.

With Garden Buddy by your side, gardening has never been easier or more enjoyable. Download now and let the journey to greener pastures begin! 🌿


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